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Azure Worldwide works with a variety of organizations around the world. Our clients include:

Corporations NGOs
Architects & Masterplanners Utility Companies
Real Estate Developers,
Owners & Operators
Entertainment, Media &
Video Game Companies
Government & Tourism Boards

The logos on the left provide a list of Azure Worldwide clients and collaborators. Please see the project list below to view examples of our work.

The University of Virginia and Azure Worldwide, are partnering to showcase a new concept in environmental engagement and action through an interactive game that simulates the conditions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read more »


Through a series of storytelling and brand workshops led by Azure Worldwide, H20+ has developed for the first time a specific vision and mission relating to the environment to coincide with the Spring 2012 global re-launch of its brand.Read more »

Revolution Places, Costa Rica

Provided special advisory services on environmental issues to Revolution Places and their Cacique, Costa Rica project. Developed eco-tourism, sustainable and education activities and programming for Cacique, a planned eco-resort and community consisting of hotel, residential, retail, and lifestyle offerings. Read more »

CharityWorks GreenHouse, McLean, VA

The GreenHouse is a sustainable home being built in McLean, VA as a show house that will benefit CharityWorks and its 2009 partners the DC Friendship Public Charter Schools and the McLean Project for the Arts. Read more »

Mandai, Singapore

Member of team accepted to create a Masterplan for new environmentally themed entertainment attractions in the Mandai Lake area of Singapore (near the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari). Read more »

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Consulted with Eighth Wonder, a Las Vegas developer, that was a finalist in the bidding for the Singapore Sentosa Island project (the bid was awarded to another group). Read more »

Curaçao, Netherland Antilles

Worked with multiple organizations on an island-wide level to discuss sustainability as it relates to tourism, industry and the environment in Curaçao. Read more »